Young Entrepreneurship Programme, 2016 - 2017

The Young Entrepreneurship programme 2016-17 culminated in the market day on the 5th of December. This curriculum linked programme helped the students to develop their innovative, marketing, communication and computer skills.

YEP included a number of tasks, conducting the market survey, creating the presentation, buying materials for production, calculating the production time and creating the final products ready.

The young entrepreneurs from grades 6 and 7, plunged into their tasks with great enthusiasm. They created presentation slides for the parents and ensured that the parents were willing venture capitalists.

Once the money was in, they were soon engaged in creating products such as pouches, jaljeera, pasta chains, greeting cards, to name a few.

Through their skilled marketing strategies, using poems and jingles, they convinced the customers. The market day saw a huge profit. They returned the money to their venture capitalists and handed over the profit to a charity organization called ‘Faces’ which will be given to deserving orphanages. It was a heartening experience for the students and for the teachers.

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