Independence Day, 15 August, 2017

A red letter day in the history of India, August 15th, is celebrated every year in every city, town, schools and colleges with great pomp and splendor. It signifies the day Indians took charge of their country after nearly 200 years of foreign rule.

At NPSI, we mark this day with a special gathering of our students, with the Indian Flag pinned up displaying patriotic fervour and enthusiasm.

The programme began with the hoisting of the flag by the Principal, followed by the Flag salute. The students rendered the patriotic songs, ‘Saare Jahan se Achcha’ and Bharatiyar’s ‘odi vilayadu paapa’. Ananth Venkatesh, the school vice prefect of grade 10, welcomed the chief guest, Ms. Padmavati, a social worker and Sidda expert, who has dedicated her life to working with people with special needs. On the occasion she spoke about the role of youth in modern day India and called to memory the simplicity of Dr. Abdul Kalaam and Swami Vivekananda.

The faculty of the language department Mrs. Sumathi, Mrs. Nithilavalli and Mr. Suresh delivered speeches in the three Indian languages, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit. Their powerful oratory added to the patriotic flavor by encouraging and motivating students to take up responsibilities at their level and work towards collective success of our country.

The Principal in her speech, emphasized upon the need to preserve and use resources efficiently. Going back to our roots and reviving our ancient culture and traditions was the highlight of her talk. The programme ended with the rendering of the National Anthem.

Post celebrations, sweets were distributed to the students. The teachers organized competitions and fun filled activities in the classrooms. It was a day of reinforcement of Indian ideals, spirit of nationalism and patriotism.