Independence Day 2019

For 73 years now, India has been on the path of freedom. At NPSI, 15 August gave us an opportunity to celebrate this freedom with great fervour.

Students came dressed in white while staff members draped shades of the flag. Vibrant decorations made by our students using matchboxes were draped in the corridors, adding a tinge of patriotism in the air. The celebrations began with the flag hoisting ceremony. Powerful and emotive speeches in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Tamil by various teachers inspired the gathering.

Melodious musical performances added a zing of patriotism in the air. Students of grade 5 sang a soul stirring piece penned by the poet Bharatiyar, Thayin Manikodi Pareer and Saare Jahaan se Accha. Children of grade 6 sang Paarukule Nalla Naadu, a song that lists the many values that makes India the best. Extoling the glory of India, students of grade 7 sang Jayati Jayati Bharatha Matha while students from grade 8 sang Vande Mataram paying obeisance to our motherland.

With the school engulfed in colours of green, orange and white, the heart-rending performances and moving speeches were truly a delight to be part of. Independence Day also gave us all an opportunity to ponder upon the freedom that we have and the need to value it.