Independence Day Celebrations 2020

The 74th Independence Day Celebrations recorded a number of firsts in the annals of NPSI History. From a live event to a music ensemble, these celebrations will remain etched in our memories.

As a pre-cursor, we had an Art competition on 14.8.2020 with 'Rediscover India' as the theme. The entire school was engaged in this creative pursuit and it was a pleasure to old monuments, Indian medicine and folk art come alive on paper. Over the past month, our students have worked in groups to research and unearth lost treasures, native tribes and lost rivers and have prepared videos to showcase their research. In many ways, our students have paid their own tributes to our nation with this work.

With all of us separated by distance, we resolved to collaborate and unite as one school on 15.8.2020 through a live event. The tricolour was hoisted by the Principal Ms Sudha Balan from the school campus while the entire school watched and rejoiced from their homes. We had a range of events planned right from an invocation and flag song to speeches delivered by grade 12 students in Tamil, Hindi and English. We also released our in-house production, a music video which had 40 students and teachers singing a medley as one voice. The programme was viewed and enjoyed by all our students and teachers.