Language Day 2019

Grades: 6 - 10

Every language may offer a different vision of life. However, language has the unique ability to flow and ebb through society like the rivers, reaching every nook and corner, inviting every small stream to its fold and growing. Enriched, these languages flow into the ocean that is humankind.

This medium of communication was celebrated at NPSI with pomp and gaiety with MÉLAP – The meeting of the LANGUAGES. A fictional story told through a short enacting was the starter to the Language Day celebrations.

A song invoking the blessing of the Almighty followed by a skit in Sanskrit that depicted the devotion of Ekalavya to his Guru, captured the attention of the audience.

The captive spectators were then witness to a scintillating dance performance set to peppy tunes in Hindi. The mellifluous notes with endearing messages for a better future sung in French kept the onlookers rooted at their spots yet tapping and nodding to the beats.

Humor is embellished with the use of language. This was aptly demonstrated in the skit presented by the students in Hindi.

This special assembly sought to bring to the fore the languages that are offered and learnt by the students at the school. It was clear that their perspectives and visions are broadened not just through their learning of a new language but also through their exchanges. Students with second language French & Hindi, speaking Sanskrit in the play, and those studying Hindi, taking to the stage to sing a French song, was testament to the exposure that all children get at NPSI. And this is the true celebration of MÉLAP – The meeting of the LANGUAGES.