Madras Day & Onam Celebrations, 2021

Madras Day is a festival organised to commemorate the founding of the city of Madras in Tamil Nadu, India. The morning of 18th August marked the celebrations in our school with a special program organised and hosted by the Tamil Department. The event began with an introduction speech about the city. A video portraying the transformation of the Madras of bygone era into modern Chennai enthralled the students. The humour-filled verbal duel about Chennai and its people interested the students throughout. The day ended with an expression of love and pride for Chennai or Madras and sharing anecdotes about their favourite spots in the city.

The festival of Onam was also celebrated online with the famous boat song - Kuttanadan punjayile followed by a short discussion about the festival and the special traditions that define the festivities. The entire session was both informative and entertaining.