MUN Achievements

Students of NPSI Chennai have been bagging accolades in various online MUNs conducted over the past few months.

In August 2020, APL Global conducted its MUN where Parth Jaju (Grade 10) received a verbal mention. In the Silk Road MUN, while Parth Jaju of Grade 10 received a high commendation, Karan Nair (Grade 10) and Dev Narayan (Grade 10) received a special mention along with Joshith S Bysani (Grade 10) who received a verbal mention.

In the Universal MUN, Navitha M (Grade 10) and Tarashree Dorairaj (Grade 10) received a special mention. Additionally, Pranav Krishna was invited as a special guest judge/chair for the Gen Z MUN and Silk Road MUN.

September 2020 saw more laurels coming our way. In the Minerva MUN, Karan Nair (Grade 10), Rakshan P (Grade 12), Tarashree Dorairaj (Grade 10) and Neeraj Variar (Grade 10) were awarded Best Delegates. Parth Jaju (Grade 10) and Pranav Krishna (Grade 11) received High Commendation. While Abhinav Karthik (Grade 10) and Joshith S Bysani (Grade 10) received a Special Mention, Tia Raj, Pravind D Christopher, VS Tharun and Navitha Manivannan (all Grade 10) received Verbal Mentions.

It is very encouraging to see our senior students use the current situation to their advantage and hone their skills. Hearty Congratulations to all of them!