The world that we live in today has transformed a lot. We face different kinds of challenges which needs to be dealt with varied skill sets. We need people to think as “Global Citizens” as well as retain the sovereignty of their own nations.

This year, NPSI Chennai achieved yet another milestone with our first intra-school MUN (Model United Nations) on 12 November, 2020, conducted online. The NPSIC MUN aims to encourage students expand their understanding about the world politics and develop their skills such as public speaking, diplomacy, writing, networking and confidence building.

Following the UN pattern, the students participated as the delegates, representing an assigned country, for the following Committees- UNW (The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women), UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

The conference extended over a period of two days, from 12 November to 13 November 2020. The opening ceremony was attended by the teachers and student delegates. The Principal Ms. Sudha Balan, encouraged the students through her speech. She appreciated the efforts of each person involved in organizing and participating in the event. Ms. Indumathi K.K, the guest speaker, congratulated the students, shared her experience and motivated them. The Secretary General, Pranav Krishna, welcomed the delegates, extended his support to them and declared the opening of the conference.

The event saw a participation of 32 students from across grade 9 to grade 12. It was a first-time experience for many of the students, who were also thrilled by the usage of new terminologies and mannerisms required for MUN. The students were trained in-house by students who have participated in other MUNs.

The following agendas were discussed and debated in the committees-UNW (Discussing sanitation levels and hygiene practices across developing countries for women); UNHRC (Xenophobia); UNDP (Discussing the means by which countries can achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030). The students were engrossed in research and analysing, structured debating over international issues, drafting resolutions to combat issues, networking and socializing.

The following students were awarded from each committee:

Best Delegate: L Pranav (Grade 10)
High Commendation: Abhinav Karthik (Grade 10)
Special Mention: Adit Bansal (Grade 9), Abhimanyu Pant (Grade 9)

Best Delegate: Aditya H Iyer (Grade 12)
High Commendation: Adithya Kashiram (Grade 10)
Special Mention: Samyukta Sairam (Grade 9), Harini Narasimhan (Grade 9)

Best delegate: Tarashree Rajesh Dorairaj (Grade 10)
High Commendation: Swathi Sivakumar (Grade 9)
Special Mention: Prusha Prakash Bhat (Grade 12), JS Aparna (Grade 9)

The closing ceremony on 13 November 2020 was addressed by the Principal Ms. Sudha Balan, the Secretary General Pranav Krishna and the Chairperson Rakshan Purush, expressing a sense of pride for the successful culmination of the first NPSIMUN. The participants stated that they will carry forward the learnings and are looking forward to next year’s MUN.