Parent Connect – Career Counselling
Grades 9-12

The first week of November was a lucky one for students of grades 9-12, as we were given the opportunity to talk and listen to parents from various career fields, ranging from healthcare to journalism to even data science. The first parent, Ms. Madhubala, gave us important insights about her career in the Engineering field, and her chip-designing company, Springbok. She also emphasised on the need to not settle for mediocrity, and how being the best among a group of people does not mean you cannot do better, which I thought was most interesting.

On the second day, Ms. Renuka talked about her career as a gynaecologist, and highlighted the importance of maintaining work-life balance, and how indispensable support from family and friends is as a doctor.

Mr. Raghunath Nair, an employee with over a decade of experience at Nissan spoke on Wednesday, about how the automation industry was changing along with the times, with greater importance being placed on the technical aspect of it.

The next day, Mr. Ramanathan spoke of his career in the IT sector, which was tremendously useful for those interested in the field, as his session was especially interactive.

On the 6th, Ms. Kavitha Sasikumar spoke about her experience in journalism, and explained not only the various new forms of journalism, but also how to gain experience at writing, especially at a young age. I was most surprised at the broad range of career opportunities in the field, ranging from ghost writers to freelancers.

Mr. Mathankumar talked about his career in data science and banking on Saturday, and explained how it would remain an important and relevant career option, even as technology progressed.

We also got the opportunity to talk to Ms. Manjal about her career in chartered accountancy, and she explained to us very clearly how to pursue that career option, but emphasised on how important it was to work hard and with dedication.

On the final day, we learnt about what a career in photography was like, with Mr. Karthik Anand’s extremely informative session on how a camera worked, and its creative applications in today’s times, from drones to self -driving cars.

Parent Connect 2020-21 was incredibly useful for us, and we will cherish the valuable insight we have received from experts in such vast career fields.

Tara Awasthi, Grade 11