Plunge 2019

Friday, 26 July, 2019 saw NPSI throw open its gates to students from other schools on the occasion of Plunge 2019. An inter school fest, Plunge 2019 witnessed over a dozen schools battle it out across 6 events including mathematics, science and literature.

For the students and teachers of NPSI, it was weeks of planning and effort that saw fruition on this special day. From one event in 2014, Plunge has grown to hosting 6 events for participants to explore and challenge themselves.

The day began with the school prefect welcoming the gathering and an invocation song. Student volunteers guided all the participants to their respective venues.

Speaker’s hub saw participants display exemplary oratory skills. From time traveling to being a superhero, the participants took us on an exciting sojourn. PSBB Siruseri won the first place followed by Babaji Vidyashram and Hindustan International in the second and third place.

Spellathon tested their knowledge of spellings. PSBB Millennium bagged the first and second place followed by good Earth School in the third place.

Creative writing saw participants get inspired by a painting. From water pollution to animal rights and sustainability, the essays were testament to the bright minds at work. Babaji Vidyashram secured the first place. Second and third place were bagged by PSBB Siruseri and Bharathi Vidyalaya.

Lab Whiz saw children build a water alarm. The first place was bagged by Sunshine Chennai Senior Secondary School while second and third place went to Vels Vidyashram and NPS gopalapuram respectively.

Mathomagic required participants to solve a crossword puzzle and work with pentominoes. Bharathi Vidyalaya emerged winners followed by Babaji vidyashram and Sunshine School.

Students had to create a digital poster on the topic, ‘Water Scarcity’ in Cyber Art. The first place was bagged by Good Earth School. The second and third place were secured by PSBB Millennium and Babaji Vidyashram.

Babaji Vidyashram was adjudged overall winners of Plunge 2019.

The day ended with the vote of thanks.