Plunge 2022-23

Inter-school Science Fest

The annual Science Fest of NPSIC Chennai, PLUNGE – SCIENCOPEDIA was conducted on the campus grounds on 1st July 2022.

Students from schools across the city, schools arrived bright and early to register for the day’s events. Students of NPSIC also participated in the activities, but did not compete.

Following the opening ceremonies in the school auditorium, the students made their way to the competition venues. Each Grade was presented with two tasks to be completed: a model building exercise and a written quiz.

The topics for each Grade had been carefully selected taking into account the scientific concepts learnt by students at that level. Each model functioned on the basis of specific scientific principles, which the team had to identify and explain. The written quiz covered questions from physics, chemistry and biology as well as one question directly related to the model.

Grade 6 students were tasked with creating a Floating Propeller, which works on the conversion of rotational motion into linear motion to make a model move. Grade 7 had to construct a Resistance Pencil, using electrical circuits in order to make the given bulb glow when current flowed in the circuit. Many students forgot the competition entirely in their joy at making the right connections! Grade 8 students had to build a Cartesian Diver, demonstrating the principles of buoyancy. Each team had to create a “diver” which dives and floats within a closed container full of water. Students demonstrated ingenuity and fortitude, facing failures and errors with great confidence.

The teams were judged on their ability to complete a working model following the directions, their ability to keep time as well as aesthetics and neatness. A team of student and teacher judges worked together to judge all teams on the assigned criteria. It was gratifying to watch our young judges assess each model with careful and thorough discussion. Three prizes were awarded in each grade and the overall trophy was awarded to GOOD EARTH SCHOOL.

Student volunteers from Grade 9 and 10 took on the responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the program, right from registration, to guiding participants to various venues and taking care of them till they dispersed.

The post-lunch session saw the gathering entertained by a cultural performance from the host. The winners were announced and trophies were handed over by the Principal. The children were also awarded their participation certificates.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many children appreciating the hands-on activities and looking forward to returning in the future. Several students declared that the challenges involved a lot of thought and “brain work” but added that it was a lot of fun.