Plunge Within 2020

NPSI Chennai organised Plunge Within 2020, an interschool fest for the NPS group schools. The online fest witnessed close to 200 students from schools across Bengaluru, Mysore, Chennai and Singapore trying their hands at various activities. 12 events across Math, Literary, Math and Science saw them push the boundaries of critical thinking and creativity.

After the opening ceremony, the students indulged in some brain teasers curated by our own students. They moved to their respective channels to participate in the various events.

Math events involved treasure hunts, data mining and presentations. Literary events saw them pen poems on positivity and fortitude, giving popular tales an interesting twist and fighting for survival with words. While they created eye catching posters in Cyber, they built working models in Science.

The day was exhilarating and rewarding for us as hosts and for all the students who joined us from across cities and countries. At a time when students find themselves indoors and with little recreational activity, they enjoyed participating in the fest and left us with glowing feedback.