Pongal Celebrations

With Pongal, we celebrate the oncoming of the harvest which symbolises happiness, prosperity and joy for all. The festival is unique as it is celebrated across the country in different forms, Lohri in Punjab, Bihu in Assam and Makara Sankranti in several states. At NPSI Chennai, our students took the lead with a grand celebration.

A virtual live event was conducted for the entire school to feature all the fun and joyful activities that our children indulged in during this season. The school and its premises were showcased through the video as a reminder of a time in the future when we will all laugh and learn together in school, once again.

The intricately drawn designs of special Kolam filled the school grounds manifesting a rich treat to the beholder’s eyes. Our middle school children sang a folk song in melody glorifying the role of farmers. The mouth-watering ‘Chakkara Pongal’ cooked in beautiful painted pot by our support staff was offered to the divine in all plausible sanctity. This was followed by an elegant, ethnic Pongal dance by children from the middle years. We went down memory lane of how Pongal used to be celebrated within the premises of NPSI in yester years .The event came to an end with the Principal’s beautiful message on all the different days of Pongal and its significance to the society. We remembered through her words on the splendour of mother Earth , the role of Sun sustaining life, importance to pay gratitude to the farm animals, the farmer who has toiled all his life and most importantly the heritage of togetherness.

The entire virtual celebration was shared with all the staff and students of NPSI Chennai who watched and enjoyed the programme.

A Pot painting activity was conducted for the students of primary and middle years. With different textures and techniques selected based on their understanding of art concepts, students in each grade used different colours and tools to bring out beautiful pots.

The creativity and ideas used by them to decorate the pot was commendable and admirable. This activity not only brought out their artistic skills but also roped in the festive vibes of Pongal. This was indeed a fun-filled experience for all of them.

For Early Learning, the teachers explained the significance of Pongal using a ppt which had bright and engaging pictures and videos. A song portraying the significance of Pongal was played followed by an activity where the students coloured greeting cards. This was followed up by a video on painting the pot for Pongal which was shared as a weekend activity.

Albeit virtual, the grand event brought in the gaiety of Pongal and we are glad we were able to connect with a students in a fun and engaging manner with this festival.