Prize Distribution - 2022

School proffers the perfect platform to grow, nurture and display the multitude of talents that every child possesses. The competitions held through the academic year provided the children the opportunity to partake and exhibit their abilities. The Prize distribution event held for students across the grades, from 1 to 8 was a great way to commend the children for their performances in the second term – from the mesmerizing dance movements to the lilting melodies to riveting speeches and essays.

Anticipation and excitement in the air, the event began with a note of appreciation for all participants. The winners’ names under the different categories of competitions held were displayed and the winners, encouraged by both the virtual confetti and their friends’ cheering, looked thrilled to turn on their camera and express their delight at their victory. A collage of the photos and snapshots of these competitions offered a glimpse into the special moments making the occasion even more memorable. The event indeed ended on a high as children showed satisfaction and pleasure at having given their best shot this year.