7th Annual Sports Meet

Every student at NPSIC would agree that PT periods are among the most favourite sessions of the day. We look forward to the camaraderie, teamwork and enthusiasm that we experience and exhibit on the sportsground. Hence, Sports Day is an event that all of us look forward to eagerly. Given the global circumstances, we celebrated the 7th Annual Sports Meet through a live event.

Hosted by our senior students, the event kicked off with a welcome address by Mr Rajendra Prasad, PT faculty. This was followed by the flag hoisting ceremony, lighting of the torch and the oath taking ceremony.

Our Principal Mrs Sudha Balan shared a few words on the importance of being fit and declared the opening of the ceremony. A cultural show saw students perfoming complex yoga asanas and dancing to groovy tunes, showing us how they stay fit.

The PT faculty threw open some challenges open to all the students on the occasion of Sports Day. From planking to dot drill, each challenge tested core strength and we received a number of responses from students. The results of each of the challenges were announced followed by a compilation of the videos received from the students. We also reminisced past sports day celebrations with a slideshow of images.

Albeit virtual, this Sports Day was memorable. The PT faculty worked hard to recreate the energy and enthusiasm for the children and we are sure they enjoyed watching and being part of the show.