Vanamahotsav 2021 - 2022

The festival of trees, Vanamahotsav witnessed a week-long celebration. Students were asked to nurture microgreens, methi, turmeric etc through the week. The celebration on July 7th witnessed all of them proudly displaying their saplings to their classmates and teachers. A faculty member shared a video of the terrace garden that she has nurtured for the past five years. Primary and Middle Years were engaged in planting activity. Under the guidance of their teachers and an instructional video, they were shown a step by step procedure to nurture microgreens and mint in water, sowing tomatoes and mango seed in soil. Across grades, faculty members reiterated the importance of plants and the need to nurture them. In their own unique way, our children expressed their gratitude towards nature and made a silent promise to protect it.