Vanamahotsav, 2022-2023

Vanamahotsav, or “Forest Festival” is the annual week of celebrating and planting of trees and plants which has its beginnings in the year of India’s independence. Each year, NPSI Chennai plans a series of events and presentations to remind students of the importance of trees and to promote afforestation. This year, we were delighted to have students back on campus after two years of remote school.

Each day of the week had special activity slots dedicated to different grades of the school. The activities took the children in groups into the school grounds in order to connect them to nature and teach them about upkeep and maintenance of greenery. The groups were involved in clearing and preparing the soil, mulching, making seed balls, planting seeds, and watering new and existing plants. Younger students were overjoyed watching over their own seeds and seeing them sprout.

The school was happy to welcome Mr. Mohan to campus as a speaker and mentor. He shared his wisdom with the students, teaching the children how to nurture a plant from a seed and demonstrating various planting techniques. Mr. Mohan who is an ardent environmentalist has been responsible for planting thousands of trees in the city. The school has been partnering with him in this endeavor of his. More than thousand seeds consisting of gulmohar, mango , Indian laburnum and many other fruit seeds were handed over to him . it was a pleasure to see within a matter of 3 months, these seeds were nurtured into beautiful saplings which would soon be greening the Chennai city.