Welcome Home - Grades 3-5

Welcome home - a new initiative introduced this year for grade 3 to 5 was indeed an enthralling and exciting experience.

Both Children and teachers embarked on a virtual voyage. A trip that took them from kitchens to gardens, resorts to tourist spots, through weaving mills to community zoos, monumental temples to Hills, and villages to farm house. They lazed on beach side, by the swimming pool, discovered a nutmeg plant & a Coffee tree. They explored an ancestral home in Kerala, God’s own country, deep in the greens amidst pepper plants, Jackfruit plants, Guava trees and lush green paddy fields.

The Teachers and children met the loving Grandparents and family members and virtually relished the traditional dishes cooked and steamed from the kitchens of our students across India.

For those children who did not travel from home, excitement and enthusiasm continued as they showcased their collection of stamps, coins, inland letters, different types of cubes, Lego collections, shell collections and also medicinal plants grown in the limited spaces of their balcony.