World Music Day and International Yoga Day

Yoga and Music, traditions of our country advocate and address the global need for rejuvenating the mind and body for a healthier lifestyle. This year, at NPSI Chennai, International Yoga Day and World Music Day celebrations for grades 1 to 12 highlighted this theme.

The event commenced with a welcome speech by a student of Grade 12.The speech covered beneficial aspects of both music and yoga in our lives. Origins of both celebrations were shared.

The Principal Ms. Sudha Balan exhorted the need to add yoga to our lives and appreciate music to relieve the stress that we all encounter.

The virtual celebration started with a mellifluous rendering of the popular song “Mile Sur” sung by our faculty members. The song emphasises the unifying aspect of music, it cuts across all barriers of language, caste and creed and unites mankind. The song brought great cheer to the invitees watching the show.

This was followed by a session of yogasanas. The video highlighted asanas like Nadi Shuddhi, Neck exercises and Simha Kriya. All these asanas are done to increase immunity, intellectual sharpness and ease all the aches and pains that are caused by stress. Under the able guidance of the teachers, children watched the video and practiced the asanas.

The session came to an end with the vote of thanks given by Tia Raj of Grade 10. Tia thanked the Principal and the teachers for giving them this opportunity to celebrate yoga and music. A special thanks was given to the Tech team for creating the video and to all the participants and invitees who graced the occasion.