Young Authors' Day, 2019-2020

15 February 2020 witnessed culmination of process writing that students of Grade 5 embarked on at the beginning of the academic year. Young Authors’ Day was a celebration of their progression in mastering the English language and its nuances.

Various genre like horror, adventure, fantasy, realistic fiction, autobiography, short stories and mystery were introduced at the beginning of the process along with aspects of a story like setting, character, plot and climax. Weeks of effort saw them build on a first draft, improvise based on inputs from teachers and then work on the cover page, blurb and other parts.

108 books were the fruits of labour and they truly reflected creative minds at work. A tribal chief who is forced to kill the soothsayer due to a prophecy, a fairy who comes down to earth in search of the Queen’s lost ring and the life story of a dog – these were just a few nuggets of their imagination that were penned into books.

On YAD, select books were launched with a 3-member panel in front of an audience filled with parents and grandparents. While one introduced the author, the other picked up excerpts from the story and read it out aloud and the third asked a few questions to the author on his experience.

An exhibition of all the books written by students of grade 4 was set up. Parents were seen listening intently as students will talk about specific genre.

The display area bore an aura of festivity with bright and artistic creations on display, illustrated covers, charts on famous authors and book reviews written by the students. Students were seen explaining their characters, the setting of the story and the intricate plots to avid listeners.

For many students, the programme helped them discover the budding writer within.

YAD offered a platform for our students to pick up and hone skills like creativity and imagination, independent thinking, writing and poetry, oratory skills to name a few.