Young Authors’ Day, 2021-2022

The Young Author’s Day is an annual event in which every one of our grade 4 and 5 students take enthusiastic part and let fly their imagination and creativity and bring out books of all genres. This year, on Sat, the 29th of January, saw all aspiring and young authors upload their books on different genres giving the readers a glimpse into the inventive minds. With the planning having begun in the month of October, children were given the time to write their stories. The younger children were guided on the different aspects of novel writing – genres, setting, plot, characterization, to name a few. The books, fitted onto a special template, were ready for publication. A multitude of themes - from zombies to fairies, historical biographies to mysteries, characters, and settings captivated the readers. The literary spectacle began with a sneak-peak review of the books. A panel of students read through the books and discussed the plot, characters and other highlights of the books available for browsing. This digitized version is available on the NPSIC Magazine platform for readers- students and parents alike to sit back and browse through various genres of books.