Young Entrepreneurship Programme, 2018

120 young entrepreneurs dazzled an audience comprising of parents and grandparents on Market Day at NPS International. The culmination of months’ of planning, execution and efforts, Market Day marked the grand finale to the Young Entrepreneurship Programme. This curriculum linked programme presents multiple learning opportunities for the students of Grade 6 and 7 to develop their creativity, communication and collaboration skills.

Work towards YEP started as early as July when students worked in groups to conceptualize and present a sample product made out of eco-friendly material. Students then worked on budgeting and planning of the time required to procure material and make their products. Emphatic presentations were made to parents seeking venture capital money with a promise to return the principal amount after Market Day.

With seed money in hand, 28 young business enterprises set out to create their products. Time was allotted in their school schedule to work in groups, collaborate and give life to their creations. From paper baskets to jewelry, terracotta models, bookmarks and greeting cards, students were seen getting their hands dirty and pushing the envelope with their creativity.

Parents and grandparents walked into the school premises with great anticipation. Students were seen guiding parents around, convincing them to visit their stalls and make the purchase. From discounts and bulk offers to jingles, students exhibited top notch marketing skills. Boys selling delicately crafted bangles and earrings, girls hand drumming to woo customers – our students broke all stereotypes on Market Day.

As the day came to a close, almost all groups found themselves sold out with substantial profit earned. While the seed money was returned to the venture capitalists, profits were handed over to charity. From picking up life skills like communication, time and money management to imbibing timeless values like being socially responsible and independent, YEP served to be an ideal learning opportunity for the students of grade 6 and 7.