Grade 11 Assembly, July 2022

The news of the performance of the class assembly was greeted with much fanfare and joy. An apt platform for showcasing talents, a little deliberation led to the children unanimously deciding the theme. Reality Game Show.

Reality game shows are the trend of the day and the students of Gr 11 pulled off a near-perfect assembly with their Game Show. The hosts of the show guided the audience through a roller coaster of events.

The six contestants- from different walks of life were involved in a series of competitive rounds of the show. They continued to battle with one another in a hilarious infomercial ways to become rich, the game was interspersed with catchy commercial and vigorous dance numbers. While contestants sought for answers to mind-wrecking questions, the hosts brought in the enthusiastic audience through a fun-filled quiz to help the contestants answer through many ‘lifelines’.

The audience was both engrossed and entertained by the variety of fare that included the reading of the news, dance, and short humorous advertisements. The questions shot at the participants and the drama and the eliminations from the show ensured an edge-of-the-seat affair. The students relished the opportunity to perform. The event was indeed much-appreciated by all.