NPS International, Chennai offers a multitude of carefully planned and executed spaces, providing students with dedicated resources, equipment and infrastructure to satisfy every need.


Classrooms are spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated, providing students with an environment of physical comfort ideal for focused learning. Each classroom has ample natural light, large windows, lights, fans and air conditioning facilities. Classroom layouts are designed to ensure that every student gets the teacher's undivided attention.

Each classroom is equipped with an Intelligent Interactive Panel/Board (IIP). Catering to students with varied learning styles, these boards offer modern tools that focus on engaging the students in the best possible manner. Students in higher grades are trained to use the boards to present their own work using audio-visual tools. Since their incorporation, a marked improvement has been noted in students’ attentiveness, engagement, comprehension and assimilation.

A large permanent blackboard is present in every room, providing an all-round teaching and learning environment. All rooms have multiple bulletin boards to encourage the display of creative, informative and academic endeavours of the learners.


The school library is a primary resource centre for both students and faculty, housing over 8000 volumes. Apart from textbooks and recommended reading materials prescribed for every class and subject, the library holds an extensive compilation of literature and non-fiction. Additional resources include encyclopaedias, dictionaries, reference books, teachers’ resources, newspapers and periodicals, and an impressive CD and DVD collection. At NPSI, we endeavour to inculcate a healthy reading habit in our students through events such as book readings, book fairs and the Young Author’s Day program. The school makes a concerted effort to periodically add to its collection of books.

Science Labs

The two science laboratories, one for Physics and the other for Chemistry and Biology, are spacious and well ventilated. Fully equipped to meet the curriculum requirements for all three subjects, they provide a state-of-the-art and stimulating environment to develop a scientific method among students.

Cyber Lab

Computers and their ubiquitous presence in all spheres of life demand that students be adept in their use. NPSI contains two cyber labs with a total of 100 computers. The machines are equipped with the latest hardware and software in alignment with curriculum requirements and with a view to future needs. Apart from standard MS Office programs, students are instructed in programming software like Logo, Scratch and BlueJ. The faculty and senior students have access to high speed internet for research purposes.


STEM refers to a curriculum that blends four specific disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The STEM Lab at NPSI is an extension of the Cyber Lab, and provides students with the technical resources needed to design and develop complex projects in fields like robotics and advanced computing. We partner with external consultants to provide a host of STEM packages aimed at bringing conceptual clarity and honing the student’s technical skills.

Math Lab

A well-equipped math lab provides students with the opportunity to have fun with numbers and put their mathematical abilities to the test. Various games and activities create a challenging atmosphere for them to enhance their analytical reasoning and lateral thinking. The activities are designed to instil and develop observational and deduction skills among students. Hands-on engagement drives concept understanding and pushes students to be independent and innovative thinkers.

Sports Facilities

Sports are an integral part of the curriculum for all students at NPSI. The sports department is run by well qualified and experienced faculty, and offers a variety of outdoor and indoor sports. The extensive playground allows up to four sports matches to take place simultaneously. Students have access to equipment for multiple sports, including cricket, hockey, football, basketball, badminton, and volleyball. Additionally, the faculty offer specialised coaching in football, cricket, hockey and throwball. Indoor games like chess, carrom, and a variety of board games are available for enthusiasts.

Art Room

The school Art Room is a hub of creativity. Here, each student is encouraged to explore, discover and express their latent artistic skills, under the guidance of qualified and experienced Art faculty. The vibrant and colourful display on every bulletin board is a testament to the bubbling talent and creativity nurtured at NPSI Chennai. Student work is displayed to the public each year at the annual Art Infinity event.

Resource Room

The Resource Room has a wide range of activity materials to help students supplement what they have learnt in class. Aimed primarily at younger students, the hands-on activity materials are all carefully designed to enhance and reinforce concepts introduced in the classroom.

Audio-Visual Facilities

The Audio-Visual room is a dedicated space containing acoustic and video equipment. It has the right ambience for small group discussions with parents and students, lectures by invited speakers and for conducting workshops.

Theatre Facilities

The formal introduction of theatre in education leads to better engagement, improvement in communication, and development of empathy and understanding. Professional faculty members offer theatre training to students of the middle school, focusing on aspects like body language, diction and expression.

Music Centre

At NPSI, we understand that music helps in the development of cognitive skills. A dedicated, well ventilated and spacious music room provides an ideal environment for musical instruction. Music is incorporated into the curriculum for grades 1 to 5, with each year’s training culminating in a musical performance for parents. The music centre has a good collection of musical instruments including a drum kit, keyboards, kanjira, and djembe, to name a few. Students learn to play these instruments under the guidance of a trained faculty member.

Yoga Room

Practicing yoga has shown to benefit an individual’s physical and mental health. With this in mind, a spacious and well-ventilated yoga room has been provided for the students. Breathing exercises, meditation and age appropriate yoga poses designed to relax and reduce stress are taught to the students by trained faculty.

Healthcare Centre

A well-ventilated, two bed healthcare facility is in place for students in need of any kind of first aid. It is equipped with basic medical requirements and staffed by a trained professional.

Counselling Facilities

There is a growing need for children to be able to approach trained professionals for guidance and counselling on matters within or beyond the scope of academics. Recognising this need, the school has a counselling facility in place which gives the student a private, supportive and comforting atmosphere to share their thoughts and concerns with trained counsellors.

Transport facility

The school has appointed a reputed transport contractor to extend the benefit of transport to our students. The following are some of the features provided by them:

  1. Individual tracking is provided to every parent availing the bus facility. Username and password would be given.
  2. Buses are provided with individual, comfortable seating.
  3. Seat belts are mandatory and are present in all buses.
  4. Speed governors are installed.
  5. Every bus is equipped with First Aid kits and Fire extinguishers.

Those parents who have admitted your wards and are planning to avail transport facility, kindly fill in the transport form (click to download) and submit it to the school office at the earliest.

For any queries:
Contact Mr. Rizwan Basha : +91 97890 76775 / +91 99626 97635