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We are very happy that our children are studying in a stress free environment and have developed an eagerness to learn more. We appreciate the time taken by all teachers for their continuous and persistent coaching for the boards.

Mr Pradeep and Mrs Poorna Christopher

As parent, I am extremely happy to share that my children have shown progress in all areas. The overall development of the students, the holistic education given by the school, the extra curricular activities, the innovative methods of teaching, the activity based learning – all these have had a great impact on my children

Mr Balachandar

The school has helped shape our son in to an all-round, self-confident person by providing opportunities to compere assembles, play chess and participate in interschool competitions. This kind of individual attention is what makes NPSI truly unique – as it is only through this that they will be prepared for success in any career that they choose to pursue

Mr Venkatesh

The school has an excellent team of educators who are putting in great efforts to develop young minds with good values and knowledge. We have seen marked improvement and overall development in our children. The school’s efforts towards academic excellence and holistic child development is laudable.

Mr Kabilan Balasubramanian and Mrs Vandhana Kabilan

From the unbridled gush of energy during Sports Day to the rich portrayal of our heritage in the gripping cultural spectacles during the annual day celebrations, NPSI has left us awestruck.

Mrs Swagata Dutta, Mr Kaushik Chakraborty