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Scholastic Programme

Scholastic Approach

NPSI Chennai follows the Indian School Certificate curriculum, preparing students for the ICSE (Class X) & ISC (Class XII) Examinations. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are planned and implemented to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern child. With the holistic development of our students as a guiding focus, equal importance is given to academics, physical activity and the creative arts.

Our approach at NPSI is underpinned by a collective desire for high standards and pursuit of excellence. On the back of a stimulating curriculum and within a safe, child-centered environment, learners are exposed to varied dimensions of excellence. Learning fuels curiosity and fosters scientific temper. Independent study and exploration are encouraged, and learning is a joyful and active process right from the early learning level. Our commitment to holistic development is evident in the seamless integration of co-curricular activities within the curriculum, allowing students to pick up life skills while excelling in academics. Establishing a work ethic characterised by persistence, independence, time management and an appreciation of the value of learning is a core facet of the schooling process at NPSI.

The ISC curriculum mandates the study of a second language till Grade 10, and a third language from Grade 5 to Grade 8. Students can choose from Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit and French for their second language, and Tamil, Sanskrit and Hindi as a third language.

Early Years

Global Montessori Centre (GMC), a unit of NPSI, offers the Montessori and the Kindergarten programmmes at early childhood level – ages 3 to 6.

In today’s world, every child is considered an individual, ready to accept and willing to shoulder responsibilities. It therefore becomes imperative that an environment suitable for such growth is provided right from the start. At NPSI – GMC, every need of the child is recognised and respected, and free rein is given to their expressions.

At GMC, the classroom environments are safe learning spaces, created for students to explore and become self-learners. The uniquely designed library supports our young students’ progressive reading journey and love for books. Learning extends beyond the classrooms in the Activity room where children can enact stories and play games while they enjoy reading and writing. Rhythm and movement are introduced at a young age to benefit the child's development and learning by stimulating the right and left side of the brain. Engaging these children in a holistic manner during the early years, equips to face all that awaits them in the years to come.

Early Years

At the primary level, it is our constant endeavour to provide a productive learning environment through activity-driven lessons, stimulating hands-on work and extensive co-curricular activities. Solo, team work and whole group tasks are seamlessly woven into the lessons to strengthen the children’s ability to work at various levels. Projects, multimedia presentations and collaborative learning along with circle time and carefully designed worksheets encourage lateral thinking.

An inter-disciplinary approach paired with active learning strategies create memorable learning experiences that learners achieve deeper levels of understanding and aid development in various skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, observation and use of information and communications technology.

A well-designed English Enhancement Programme (EEP) is implemented across grades to strengthen reading, writing and speaking skills of students at an early age.

Students make use of dedicated Cyber, Math and Language labs give them deeper appreciation and understanding. While sharpening their analytical and communication skills. E-learning is implemented in Grades 1-4 for EVS, SS and GS to improve the speed and efficiency of information transfer. Lessons are taught using inhouse e-books and the extensive use of modern Intelligent Interactive Panels for curated content augment learning with a multi-sensory approach.

Carefully selected co-scholastic activities are built into the curriculum, providing children with an extra creative element in their schooling. Activities like Physical Education, Dance and Yoga are complemented by Music, Keyboard and Art classes. Story-telling is a key element for students from Grades 1 to 3, deepening their imagination and understanding of the world. Public Speaking sessions for grades 4 and 5 offer the first steps towards helping children articulate their thoughts and express themselves with confidence and clarity.

All students participate in Class Assemblies that are an integral part of the mornings at NPSI. Through these assemblies, children pick up numerous skills, learn to collaborate and broaden their horizons.

Extra-curricular activities conducted every week provide a platform for children to nurture a variety of skills including chess, music and foreign language proficiency, making the primary years more vibrant and dynamic. A range of inter-house competitions are conducted for students to explore their creative side. Scholastic pursuits in conjunction with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities lay the foundation for all-round development at an early stage.

Middle School

In the Middle school, students of Grades 6-8 are ready to tackle deeper and more discrete subjects with an array of specialist teachers, including the challenge of additional languages. They cultivate the discipline and skills required for regular assessments. Students are tested on topics covered through the semester, gradually training them to appear for the Board Examinations in senior classes.

The middle year curriculum is broad-based with emphasis on core subjects. Students are engaged in experiential learning through a variety of resources in order to develop appropriate knowledge and skill levels. Extensive activity kits are designed and curated for the students to gain hands-on experience as they discover varied concepts and topics across subjects. Students work on projects which aid in extending research and understanding. Public Speaking classes help students formulate opinions, express them with brevity and engage in intelligent conversations. Students are scaffolded through challenges and complexity, creating a smooth runway for the senior years.

A targeted STEM curriculum, covering a blend of 4 disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is integrated into the curriculum to give students exposure to a cohesive learning approach based on real-world applications.

Art, Music, Drama, Yoga and Physical Education are incorporated into the Middle School curriculum. All students go through Physical Training classes to develop agility and fitness. Extra-curricular activities including sports band, instrumental music and dance are offered to students as optional weekend classes. Students in these grades have the opportunity to judge their skills and abilities against students from other schools, through multiple inter-school fests and competitions.

Senior School

Grades 9 to 12 comprise the Senior School. During these years, students are trained, encouraged and expected to become independent learners and set their own academic goals. They go through rigorous academic activity balanced by creative work and social interaction. Topics are explored beyond books through projects, multimedia presentations, group work and collaborative learning. Choices made during this crucial time can direct the future course of a child’s academic career. Students are counselled and guided on possible career options based on their areas of interest and personal aptitude.

Under the aegis of the CISCE curriculum, the following subjects are offered at Grade 9:

English 1 and 2, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics and Geography, Second and Third Languages along with a choice between Computer Applications, Economic Applications and Art.

Secondary school culminates in the students’ first significant board examination in Grade 10. The course of study for +2 is a combination of compulsory and optional subjects. Besides English and SUPW, the following clusters are offered at NPSI (one subject per cluster can be chosen):

  • Cluster 1 – Math, Psychology, Business Studies
  • Cluster 2 – Physics, Sociology, Accounts
  • Cluster 3 – Biology, Computer Science, Economics
  • Cluster 4 – Chemistry, Commerce, History

While the primary focus of NPSI is academic excellence, there is never a compromise in ensuring the development of creative, social and emotional facets of every student. The senior school learning programme incorporates a variety of activities including inter-house competitions, visits to orphanages and old age homes, guest lectures on various health and environmental issues, career counselling, and overseas opportunities. These challenges and experiences give them much-needed exposure to the real world in a controlled and safe environment.