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Who we are

Preparing students for a Global Society

NPSI Chennai is a values-driven school with an empowering, child-centric environment. Our vision is to develop students into socially responsible and productive global citizens with the skills, values and integrity to positively impact, and contribute to, the world around them.

The school ethos stresses a work culture characterised by diligence, self-discipline and personal accountability. A rigorous academic foundation with an emphasis on personal development enables students to confidently tackle any programme of higher learning. We encourage our students to be lifelong learners through a strong focus on active and participatory education.

We aspire to provide personal, social, spiritual, emotional and educational growth, in a multi-cultural context, encouraging students to embrace their own culture whilst appreciating others. Beyond their academic performance and the development of their talents, students are guided towards understanding the importance of engaging in humanitarian and environmental causes.

NPS believes in building relationships between family and the school community to strengthen the foundation required for students’ progress and success. Working closely with parents, we ensure that each student learns to set goals in line with their abilities and desires, and to strive to accomplish them through self-confidence and perseverance.

We are committed to a modern pedagogy, fostering in our students the life skills, leadership abilities and spirit of innovation needed to take on challenges presented by a competitive, ever-changing global environment.

The NPSI Chennai faculty body boasts well-qualified, highly trained and experienced teachers with the right attitude and value system. The school ensures that each staff member is conversant with the latest and most appropriate methods of teaching and learning.