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Testimonials (Alumni)

“NPS Chennai has played a very important role in my life. I spent nearly 5 years in this school (2015-2020) and have unforgettable memories. The teachers were the roots of my success and I am grateful for all the support given by them. My classmates were really competitive and that made me more focused. The tenth grade teachers supported me a lot by clarifying my doubts and giving practice papers. This helped me to secure 96.5 % in class 10 board examination. In a nutshell, this school will hold a special place in my heart forever and I hope to visit my Alma mater again.”

Vineeth Krishna Karthikeyan,

Batch of 2019-20 (ICSE)

“NPS institution nurtured me with care. The faculty support was over and beyond limits with strong intention to mould me to perfection. The knowledge and transformation I had with this school is the reason for my success. It was an exciting and fun filled journey in this school.

Thanks for this opportunity, to express my gratitude towards the school."

MR Vishaal Kumar,

Batch of 2019-20 (ICSE)

“As an alumnus of NPS International School Chennai, I can proudly say that I got the basics right and strong by studying in NPSI.

NPSI has done a commendable job in nurturing every student by giving importance to the value system, making us understand the importance of inclusiveness besides Education & Extracurricular activity.

I cherish every day spent in NPSI. I have started realizing the impact this wonderful school created on me the moment when I stepped into undergraduate with full of confidence.

NPSI taught me how to think differently and enhance the overall ambiance of my college classes positively. I wish NPSI to churn many outstanding students every year.

Jason Aaromal P,

Batch of 2019-20 (ISC)

“I was pleasantly surprised when I received the mail from the school regarding the alumni feedback. Suddenly so many memories came back into my mind. The morning assemblies, the classrooms, the hallways, my teachers and friends. And I remember the enthusiasm I used to wake up with every day; never, in those 3 years I studied there, have I felt lethargy towards going to school. Looking back now, I can see the way NPSI has changed me for the better, be it in academics, or my personality. Not a day passes without remembering those fun-filled days at NPSI. As a new admission from a CBSE school, I was immensely helped by the personal attention given by the teachers; the transition was quite smooth. The teachers made sure that I was well equipped to face the 10th standard board exams and I am thankful for that. NPSI gave me wings to reach out, reach high and reach beyond"

Reshma Rose Girish,

Batch of 2019-20 (ICSE)

“Having been in this school for over 5 years, I truly share a strong affiliation to the innumerable memories and values that I have picked up in my time here. NPS undoubtedly provides a fostering and safe environment to inculcate vast amounts of knowledge and actively strive for our goals and dreams. Each and every teacher who has taught me throughout the years left me satisfied ,making the subjects even more interesting, and has motivated me in one way or another. Moreover, the countless friends that I’ve met here have made my time in NPS even more gratifying and memorable. The principal of our school, Mrs.Sudha Balan, filled with wisdom, passion and perfection, holds together the school elegantly and will indefinitely inspire me in all her ways. These are the reasons, including my friends, the teachers, the principal, the various occasions and the delightful campus that left me excited and wanting to come to school every day. This school has provided for me a myriad of rewarding experiences that have all helped me to become the person I am today. From emceeing in the annual day functions to experimenting in the science lab and the fun times I had during lunch breaks with my friends to acting out a scene from Shakespeare plays, the memories I have made here will always hold a special place in my heart. Without a doubt, NPS International School Chennai has pushed me to reach out, reach high and reach beyond."

Rhea Attokaran,

Batch of 2019-20 (ISC)