Grade 12 Assembly, June 2022

The students of Grade 12 kicked off the very first school assembly in the new School Auditorium. After the school prayer, students from Grades 6 to 11 filed into the beautiful hall and arranged themselves in the plush seats. The session began with a message from the Principal reminding the students in the audience to maintain decorum and give the performers their full attention, and then it was on to the show!

The theme for the Grade 12 Assembly was Cinema. The show began with some advertisements and a message to the audience to switch off their phones. The first presentation was an enthusiastic dance performed to the tune of medley of popular Tamizh hits which had the audience clapping along.

We were then introduced to the plot of the program - three directors had been chosen to co-create a hit movie script to assigned by a famous producer of the city. Director 1 took credit for the dance and pushed for his idea of a dance film. Director 2 argued that there was no plot to a dance film, and suggested a courtroom drama instead. This was a segue into the presentation of the news and the comedic courtroom drama which doubled as a cinema quiz! The audience thoroughly enjoyed the jokes and questions. Director 3 then came in with several recreations of famous scenes from movies, all presented as "original" ideas. These included scenes from many hit movies.

The show concluded with a vote of thanks.