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Online Classes

A smooth transition of schooling was achieved with the timely choice of a user-friendly, collaborative online platform. After intensive training for teachers and a detailed parent-student orientation on the academic year, our online journey commenced.

We chose the Microsoft 365 cloud service. Every student is provided with an official e-mail ID and this allows them access to the MS Teams – the platform we use for conducting our online classes. With all cyber checks in place, a dedicated in-house cyber team is available at all times to provide technical expertise on a range of issues.

Division of each class into smaller groups of 15 afforded greater attention to the students. The classes are timetabled such that there are enough off-screen breaks for students each day. The school routine includes academic, co-scholastic, and wellness sessions. Special asynchronous sessions to clarify academic doubts are also a part of this routine.

Various teaching-learning strategies are being used during the online sessions. Beginning with starter activities and ending with a plenary, the academic sessions are designed to suit the learning requirements of the learners. Weekly online and notebook assignments, supportive worksheets, and special asynchronous sessions have helped our students attempt their reviews – be they online or pen-paper mode, with ease and confidence

The school has recognized the need to facilitate the holistic development of the child. With emotional wellness being one of our prime focus areas, we are running several programs that actively engage our children. Value-based discussions, fitness, and relaxation techniques through art and yoga, connecting with peers, face-to-face with the class teacher are but a few of the many sessions routinely held to break the monotony of the academics. Some of these sessions also see our students partaking in quizzing, riddling, and even attempting to cook without fire.

Parents are kept abreast of all school-related activities through regular emails. A calendar of events that details the assessments and holidays, a weekly planner specifying the schedule for the duration, and monthly mails are a part of the routine. Support to parents is facilitated in several ways including orientation, sharing of the coordinators’ email ids, and PTMs that provide them the opportunity to connect and discuss the progress of the child.

Co-scholastic classes form an integral part of our school curriculum and instill diverse skill sets. Catering to the senses, children worked on their art and craft, music and instrument learning, public speaking, fitness and yoga techniques, and English enhancement and story-telling sessions. These classes both captivate the imagination and energize their mind.

Children and parents are apprised of the MS platform safety rules. A detailed workshop on varied aspects of cyber-safety including cyberbullying is also conducted. The school IT team constantly monitors the platform usage and its contents.

Every effort was made to make the online journey unique. All events and celebrations conducted during the Offline School were adapted to suit the online mode. For instance, Young Authors’ Day which involved students of Upper Primary presenting their books is now live on the school e-magazine Digital books of our students are published here for everyone to read and enjoy in the comfort of their homes.

The annual Investiture Ceremony witnessed our senior students voting for their leaders online. The candidates engaged in an active debate, wooing their voters while convincing them of their leadership skills.

With Plunge, our interschool fest, the online medium allowed us to host over 200 participants across Chennai, Mysore, Bengaluru, and even Singapore.

Akriti, Sports Day, Art Infinity, reveling special days, class assemblies, and even a radio show were some of the many events that dotted our academic year.

Competitions under various categories were conducted for students across grades 1 to 12. From music and dance in Performing Arts to animation in Cyber and Just A Minute and Elocution in Literary, a transformation of the rules and contest styles facilitated smooth conduction. With over 35 competitions scheduled in the calendar year, students were provided a wide platform to choose from and showcase their talents.

At NPSI, students are offered multiple opportunities to hone their public speaking and oratory skills. For our Middle Years, a specially curated Public Speaking programme was designed wherein every student working individually or in a group, got a chance to present on a wide range of topics.

Our senior students conducted NPSIC MUN with participants from grades 8 to 12 and engaged in diverse topics of global importance, applying their learned skills of dialogue and negotiation.

A total of 16 clubs were formulated in diverse fields - including books, photography, cyber, debate, music, art, sports and theatre. Sessions, conducted by senior student volunteers, were intended to engage children in meaningful debates and discussions under the guidance of teachers.