Language Day, 2023

Language day was celebrated at NPSI Chennai to bring in focus that language is not just a medium of communication, it is meant to express our joys and sorrows.

This year the four languages taught in school, Hindi, Tamil, French and Sanskrit chose to showcase their prowess through an array of visual arts themed – The Seasons.

The riot of colours and the joy of spring was depicted by the students studying French through a ballet set to the tune of Vivaldi’s Spring. This was coupled with an iconic song of Joe Dassin ‘Les Champs Elysée’. A joyous atmosphere permeated the air through their wonderful performances.

The students studying Sanskrit wished to salute the Sun God, the king of Summer, through a flawless rendition of the shloka ‘Aditya Hridhayam.’

Monsoon brings a wave of happiness and every one awaits to hear the pitter-patter of rain drops. The students studying Hindi set the stage ablaze with a speech and a lively dance performance. Hindi is also our national language, so it is no surprise that it inspires patriotic fervour. The students took us on a journey extolling the wonders of our nation with the track ‘Hey mere vatan.’

Tamil is the lingo of many residents of Tamil Nadu. Students pursuing this language showcased their skills through a skit, which gave us a glimpse into the winter season, named ‘Marghazhi’ in the Tamil calendar during which people worship and celebrate the life of Andal and her beautiful courtship with her lord, Vishnu. This episode was ethereally depicted, incorporating the verses of ‘Thiruppavai’ blended with an energetic dance. The students also presented a handcrafted book to the principal, that enumerates the art and architecture of Tamil Nadu.

13th January also marks the eve of harvest festival, Pongal. All the festivities of this occasion were brought to life with the echo of ‘Pongal o Pongal’ ringing in our ears.

The Language Day Celebration left the audience with a feeling of warmth, love and bonding reiterating the notion of ‘Vasudeiva kutumbakam’. The language learnt in the lap of our mother is the one we always revert to subconsciously.