Teachers' Day 2022

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart”

5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day across India to mark the birthday of the country’s former president Dr S Radhakrishnan. At NPSI, grade 12 takes on the mantle of planning the entire day for their teachers. Months ahead, they sit together with the Principal to chalk out the various fun activities to be presented for the day with many surprises in store for the teachers.

The day began with grade 12 students wishing their teachers and handing out a sweet as they entered school. Big banners were put up with wishes that could be seen from across the school. Students of grade 10 volunteered to take care of the tiny tots in grades 1 to 3. Grade 10 students took on the role of PT teachers and managed discipline in the auditorium.

The programme began with an energetic dance followed by a heartfelt speech by the school prefect. This was followed by a hilarious skit that highlighted various student stereotypes by taking us through the day of a grade 12 student. It was enjoyable for the teachers to watch their daily lives at school replicated on the stage with a dash of exaggeration and humour. An instrumental band performance had all the students cheering and teachers humming to popular tunes. Two students presented a stand-up comedy act replete with subject jokes that had everyone laughing and waiting for more.

Several quizzes on popular dialogues, songs and questions on the school saw teachers answering with much gusto. The grade 12 children also had a question planned for the students in audience which involved them guessing the teachers with a brief description.

The grand finale involved games for the teachers including popular game show Family Fued. Teachers came up in teams to answer popular survey questions in the game hosted by the grade 12 students. It was indeed interesting to see teachers group together, strategise and pick the best possible answer. The final game included a Gen Z quiz where teachers were quizzed on Gen Z related topics like poluar memes etc.

The programme came to an end with a speech by the Principal Ms Sudha Balan who expressed her gratitude to the grade 12 children for putting up such a well-thought show. She reminded us all of Dr S Radhakrishnan and contributions in the field of education and scholarly work.

The day was dotted with cheers heard across classrooms and corridors, bringing wide smiles on all the teacher’s faces. The grade 12 students have indeed set the bar high and the teachers are already looking forward to returning the favour on Children’s Day.