Theatre Day – Wings of Life

A one-of-the-kind event, Theatre Day – Wings of Life provided the apt platform for the children of the primary years to comprehend and practice the various facets of theatre. With a plan of action mapped out, students were grouped and assigned themes based on various morals and values that govern life. Some of these themes included honesty, bravery, role modeling, and sharing.

Teamwork, enthusiasm, and empathy were in abundance during this process, as students guided ably by their teachers, worked together to create masterpieces. Props, costumes, dialogues, gestures, and delivery were a part of the many discussions held. Rehearsals were energetic and provided the opportunity to critique one another.

The momentous day saw the children attired in simple yet appropriate costumes and armed with props. The audience was left spellbound by the acting skills, dialogue delivery, and confidence exhibited by these young actors. The strong performances and impactful storylines added to the success of the event.