Grade 10-B Assembly, August 2022

The Assembly started with the introduction of Tilli Tonka, being the head of the Time Factory. He is tired of the factory and wants to hand it over to a responsible and an able person. He gets the idea of sending 5 golden tickets and to hosts a small game show. In the due course of the game show, the kids get eliminated and the one remaining will win the game show and inherit the Time Factory. The kids got eliminated by the quiz conducted in between the show. The guides of the tour took the kids through the different styles of Music and Dance of the 21st Century, which is the topic of Grade 10B Assembly. The audience were enthralled by the splendid performance of the students both by dancing and singing. The Song on Covid created exclusively by the students of 10B brought positivity and was well received by the audience. The news was rendered in an orderly manner. The assembly came to an end by rendering vote of thanks.