Grade 8A Assembly, 2022

The school assembly is a platform that allows students to showcase their talents, while acting as a medium to convey moral values for their fellow schoolmates to imbibe. Students of 8A opened the evening’s assembly programs with a poignant quote by Mother Teresa, on the importance of doing small things, or little good deeds, with great love. This set the stage and tone for their aptly themed presentation, “Social Causes.”

Students highlighted various concerns prevalent in society, prompting the audience to join them as they analyzed bullying, cyberbullying, poverty, social media addiction, child labour, and racism. Audience members paid rapt attention, as they were kept engaged through a fun quiz that tested the audience’s musical skills. Music from familiar movie or pop songs were played, and the audience was tasked to identify the song. On successful identification, 8A students performed a quick rendition of the chosen song. As a lovely surprise, the final song of the quiz was accompanied by a lively dance.

The news-anchors of Grade 8A then delivered news from around the world in a lucid and comprehensive manner. The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks, thanking all of the people who had been instrumental in the success of the event.