Grade 4-A Assembly, August 2022

Topic: Science Fiction

School Assemblies are key to the mornings at NPSI. It helps students to develop a feeling of unity among their classmates and teacher.

Grade 4 A students presented their class assembly on the topic ‘Science Fiction’. The students exhibited their dynamism by doubling up and showing their talents in the show.

The assembly started with a skit where two aliens visit planet in their spacecraft, Earth. The MCs acted as scientists and introduced the topic of the assembly to the audience. The programme started with Science jokes, which was hilarious, followed by Science Quotes, News, movie and cartoon characters entry, music, facts about latest inventions in the world. This was the case with the Robo dance from a popular movie. The audience were indeed enthused watching the performance.

The news anchors gave us the news from across the world in a lucid and comprehensive manner, keeping us abreast of the happenings around us. There were International, National, Chennai, Sports News and weather report given by students.

An informative song on Teeth, was so melodious with the simple instrument.

To explain the importance of development in the field of Science, students shared with different inventions around the world. Dance spreads joy to everyone those who performed and those who watch.

The vote of thanks expressed student’s gratitude to our Principal, all teaching and non-teaching staff for their support and encouragement.