Grade 5-A Assembly, July 2022

Every Child will look forward to their class assemblies in NPSI. They give their best, set an example of teamwork and unity. This was a much awaited assembly after the two long online journey of schooling.

The students of grade 5A presented their assembly on the topic “Magic”. The assembly started off with the young magicians moving their hands fast and showing magic tricks. Inspiring thoughts were given by the students followed by the glimpse of various happenings around the world.

The peppy song “Magic in Me” was rendered by the students beautifully which gave the very essence of being happy and enjoying the magic in life.

The skit about a magical paint brush was well narrated and performed by the students. They enacted the characters of the skit and gracefully presented their dialogues.

The origin of various terminologies and tricks in magic was well explained by the students through the interesting facts.

The vote of thanks signaled the end of the assembly showing gratitude to the Principal, the teachers and support staff.