Mega Event, February 2023

The 4th of February, 2023 was a day that was host to a Mega Event that showcased displays of the Art Infinity, Young Entrepreneurship Programme, the Young Authors Day, Akriti, Robotics and STEM.

Every student exceeded all expectations in taking this year's Art Infinity above and beyond. From the tiny tots of Grade 1 to the bright teenagers of Grade 8, the students of each class created a riot of colour and creativity in their rooms. Tomorrow's business magnates were out in full force during Market Day for Young Entrepreneurship Programme. The students' artistic and practical products were in high demand from the moment stalls were open, and items were sold out in record time. The budding wordsmiths of Grades 4 and 5 presented their stories for Young Authors Day. 244 books were on display, spanning a variety of genres from horror and fantasy to adventure and science fiction. The youngsters enthusiastically explained their plots and process to rapt visitors.

This year's Science Fest Akriti was unique, showcasing Science activities conducted throughout the year to augment the school curriculum at every level. The informative, innovative and ingenious STEM Lab, Robotics Lab and Math Lab activities and projects had attendees in awe, receiving special commendation from NPS CEO Mr. Hari Krishnan. For the first time, the presentations featured installations for History and Geography through a series of collaborative maps of India created by students of Grade 8, spanning the entire history of the country and covering primary geographic features.

The work put in by the teachers and staff of NPS International, Chennai to bring these distinct events together in such a spectacular manner was appreciated by all. The teachers left no stone unturned to ensure that every single exhibit was arranged to perfection. The administrative and support staff gave their all to this endeavour, guaranteeing a smooth and successful set of events.

Art Infinity


Young Entrepreneurship Programme

Young Authors Day