Sports Day and Martial Arts, 2021-2022

Day on the 26th of January. The hour-long programme felicitated the winners of the various online and on-field challenges. Some of the at-home tasks included the one-bounce catch and the plank challenge. The track events conducted in school followed all necessary protocols. The event also afforded a peek into the glorious sporting moments of these athletic challenges.

The day also saw the continuation of Incredible India. Following the magnificence of monuments, palaces and other engineering marvels the previous months, this session witnessed some of the unique martial art forms of the country. A well-researched video showcased the different martial arts of each region. The nuances of Silambattam, Kalariyapattu, Gatka, Thoda, Mardhani Khel and other forms were well explained and demonstrated as well. Students were spellbound and discussed the importance of these martial art forms for emotional and physical well-being. The children appreciated both the programmes that were equally informative and entertaining.

The Republic Day was celebrated in a distinct style by the younger children of the Early Learning Department. Dressed in attire that reflected the tricolour of the flag, these young learners loved the informative video on the country and were enthusiastic participants of the craft activity that followed.