Christmas Celebrations

We ended the calendar year 2021 in a majestic manner with Christmas Celebrations. With our students joining us both online and offline, much care was taken to cater to both sets. Age-appropriate activities were conducted across classes that spread much cheer.

In Early Learning (EL), songs, stories and activities added to the vibrancy of the celebration. Teachers came in with Santa caps and a virtual Santa Claus distributed gifts and sweets. Teachers and students were dressed in Christmas tri colours of green, white and red. Nativity story narration using puppets was the highlight of the celebration. It was followed by a craft activity on building a snowman.

For Primary Years (PY), offline students worked seated individually creating decorations while online students were engaged in a craft activity, creating a Santa. It was a joyous sight to watch the students working on their craft intently as carols rang in the air.

In the Middle Years (MY), the offline students worked to decorate their common bulletin boards. Taking turns to attach their decorations, they worked in an orderly fashion, maintaining social distancing. The online students created a paper bauble through a guided video.

Our students in Senior Years (SY) played their role in the celebrations as they contributed to the making of a grand Christmas video which was aired across classes. Starting off with thoughtful words by our principal Ms Sudha Balan, the video then had a puppet show on the nativity story narrated by the Early Years Department. Staff from the PY took us on a tour with ‘Christmas across the World’ where countries with interesting traditions for this season were displayed. A few students made wonderful Christmas craft too. Students from the MY enacted a heart-warming story of ‘The shoemaker and the Elves’ while the SY students and a group of teachers recorded some melodious carols.

When students heard the familiar tunes of ‘Jingle Bells’, they knew Santa had arrived. Our inhouse Santa Claus visited the classrooms with his young helpers clapping and tapping to the tunes. Santa took turns to wish the offline students and online students and it was indeed a pleasure to see the children’s wide smiles and gasps as they saw Santa.

The day was filled with love, laughter and togetherness and we are sure all students and staff felt a feeling of warmth and cheer.