Navaratri - Grade 1-5

The culmination of Term 1 saw the celebration of Navaratri on a virtual platform. As a commitment to imparting a holistic education, children were imparted the values by sharing the story behind Navaratri.

The victory of good over evil and the diverse ways in which it is celebrated across India was effectively established through pictures and narrations. Children were in awe and admiration of the cultural diversity of our nation.

As a school which believes in making the best out of waste, children of grade 1 - 5 were taught to make beautiful tablas and dolls out of coconut shells and empty shampoo/sanitiser bottles, through a well-paced video and self-explanatory ppts, which would also adorn the Navaratri golu and shelves.

Musical rendition by students of grades 3-5 added glory to the event. The takeaway for students were plenty, the joy and the satisfaction of giving was colossal and the day was memorable.