Summer Camp, 2021-2022

Fun with Maths
Youngsters were introduced to mathematical concepts and approaches that went beyond arithmetic fundamentals in order to enhance their appreciation for the scope of mathematics. Origami, Vedic Maths, Magic Squares, and a wide range of riddles, puzzles and “mathemagic” brought excitement and wonder into the rigour of the subject.

Participants honed their keyboard techniques and music reading skills while learning to master Jana Gana Mana (National Anthem) and Old Mac Donald on the synthesiser.

Students across ages and skill sets worked together to learn a wide variety of songs in a range of genres. Each day introduced a new song, ranging from a patriotic lyric in Tamil to an aspirational tune in Hindi; from a classical Carnatic song to popular songs from English films.

Scratch Animation
Students filled the computer lab to explore the world of animation using the Scratch Interface. Either solo or in pairs, students used their logical skills and creativity while building interactive games at multiple levels, stories and animations.

Children explored specific art styles through the course of the program, many of them using unique or specific art mediums. They designed colourful mosaics, explored diverse traditional art forms like kolams and aboriginal art, and created intricate patterns through mandalas and zentangles.

The School library, with its stock of both new and well-loved titles, was thrown open to the children. Children’s choices were carefully facilitated, allowing avid readers free rein to choose books suited to their level and interest while younger children and newer members were given greater guidance.

The sports enthusiasts of the school were given a wide range of choices during each session, including cricket, football, throwball, badminton, kho-kho and dodgeball. After a quick warm-up each session, students could choose to participate in sport-specific skill training followed by a 20-minute game to put their skills to the test. Other options included social games and fitness-focused activities like aerobic dance.

Students learnt and applied the fundamental principles of flight in this hands-on series. They constructed a variety of aircrafts including rotocopters, boomerang gliders and tumble-wing gliders, to name a few. They tested and compared flight patterns and behaviour and drew conclusions based on their understanding.

Students participated in games at three levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. At each level, they received instruction and guidance to better their understanding and strategic skills of the game. The series culminated in a friendly play-off amongst students.

Basic guitar concepts were taught and reinforced, including strings, chords and how a guitar works. Students were taught how to read Guitar Tabs and how to translate those into actual play. The tabs for three songs - Memories, Believer and Faded - were shared and practised.

Dungeons & Dragons
Students were introduced to the concept of Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs). A simplified version of Dungeons and Dragons was developed for play, and students chose from a variety of fictional heroes, each having unique skills and abilities. In groups, children were led through an adventure where their characters worked together as a group to rescue an innocent child from evil monsters. The week culminated with a grand battle where each character used their powers and the team defeated the enemies.

Board Games
X and Y from ABC brought a carefully curated set of Board Games to the school. Each game not only included fun aspects of play but also challenged children’s teamwork, strategic thinking, dexterity and deductive reasoning. Games included Pengoloo, Chicken Cha Cha Cha, Ghost Blitz, Dr. Eureka, Chameleon and Splendor.