Grade 7A Assembly, December 2022

The Grade 7 Assembly program on the 20th of December, 2022 began with the students of 7A. The students exhibited resourcefulness and teamwork as they presented their theme, “Marvel” in myriad ways.

The assembly commenced with the thought of the day about bringing in the spirit of teamwork. This was followed by a high energy rendition of “Unstoppable,” which left the audience enthusiastic for more. Students of 7A then brought out marvel characters like Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, Gamora, Thanos, and Doctor Strange in a creative skit on teamwork. The message, that teamwork is integral to our lives, shone clearly through the students’ presentation. Fun facts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe were shared with the audience.

Comprehensive news from around the world – International, National, Local, and Sports News, as well as the local weather report, was presented by the news anchors in a lucid and professional manner.

The assembly concluded with a formal vote of thanks, where student of 7A sweetly expressed their gratitude to the Principal, all teaching and non-teaching staff, and the support team for all their aid and encouragement.

The program had both elucidated the theme of Teamwork for the audience, and served as a clear demonstration of the coordination and collaboration of 7A, with which they had brought out a successful assembly program.