Grade 3A Assembly, November 2022

School assemblies at NPSI are a presentation of our students’ inherent talents, skills and working collaboratively in teams. The students of 3A presented their class assembly on the topic -Family.

A thought for the day set the tone of warmth and love for family. A skit was presented showcasing an ideal family through the eyes of a magazine reporter. Even as the reporter is unhappy about covering Mr. Sivanesan and his family in the beginning, it turns out to be one of the best days of his life.

Quotes on familial love, bonding and care were shared which emphasized on the theme.

The highlight of the show was a melodious rendition of the popular song, ‘Oru Murai Ennai Paramma’, as a dedication to all mothers. With a sunflower in their hands, the children sang in full earnest.

Festivals are one of the many ways in which families come together. Exhibiting this was a folk dance tuned to a song on Pongal. It was enjoyable to watch our children dance to the peppy tunes with smiles on their faces.

The news anchors shared updates for the day. International news covered protogalaxy in the milky way and national news was about occurrence of lunar eclipse and vultures migrating to Rajasthan. Local news included students from Thiruvallur inventing a natural slimming method while sports news was about India vs Zimbabwe T 20 and the weather predictions.

Students expressed their gratitude to the principal, all teaching and non-teaching staff for their support and encouragement. The assembly left the audience with a feeling of warmth, love and bonding.