Early Learning Sports Day, 2023

The school ground was all set with colourful balloon and flags to pep up the eventful and joyful occasion of EL Sports Day on the 10th and 11th of March 2023. The event came alive with our young ones walking in smartly dressed in their sports attire and the parents getting seated in comfortable viewing places to cheer their wards.

The programme started at 5 in the evening with the cool summer breeze setting in making it a perfect day for our students. The event commenced with an invocation song dedicated to Lord Ganesha, followed by the walkathon where all our children waved to their parents happily.

The spirit of friendly competition was set by the track events, where children participated and cheered for their friends. The events chosen were fun, easy and joyful for our kids who showed their true sportsmanship. Every child was a winner and took home their well-deserved medal.